Environmental initiative

As a responsible company, EDPR is aware of the sensitivity of natural ecosystems and the pressures affecting biodiversity. Therefore, EDPR assumes its commitment to contribute to the prevention or reduction of loss in biodiversity, as stated in its Environmental Policy. Specially, the company commits to protect the wildlife surrounding its wind farms.

As a result, EDPR partnered with local naturalist association Indre Nature in 2014 to protect the most sensitive species regarding wind farm operations: migrating birds and bats. In order to achieve this goal, in 2016 Indre Nature purchased the Ile de la Marquise, an island of 6000m² that is a national refuge for bats, mainly financed by EDPR. Following that partnership, in November 2018 ten EDPR employees went to the island to actively contribute to bat protection in Indre, France. The employees were accompanied by the mission supervisor for Indre Nature and a bats specialist volunteer.

During the day, the volunteers started by visiting the island and its vaulted cellar to quietly observe different bats species without disturbing them. The team mission was to preserve the island by clearing and cutting invasive plants that have extremely strong roots that can damage cellar, which could risk falling on bats lodged.

Indre Nature wants to keep improving its knowledge of the bat populations on site and, with the help of volunteers such as company members, neighbours and residents of the island, the mission is evolving with time. Indre Nature has developed a 2016-2020 management plan that aims to protect and inventory the species in the island. EDPR will have an active participation in this long-term plan not only through participating in volunteering activities, but also by providing financial support to the projects.