Environmental initiative

Wind power is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing energy. Even though EDPR’s business inherently implies a positive impact on the environment, the company continues to work on a daily basis to hold itself to a higher standard. This means EDPR aims not only to protect the climate, but also to engage with biodiversity and to preserve natural resources while doing it.

EDPR is aware that one of the main concerns regarding biodiversity in offshore wind facilities is bird mortality due to collisions with the blades of wind turbines. Having considered this as a relevant risk in Le Tréport project in France, it was decided to implement a mitigation measure which aims at facilitating the bird transit. It consists on increasing the hub height by additional 15 m (thus reaching an airgap of 33,5 m, vs. previously 18,5 m), which will cause the estimated bird mortality rate to decrease significantly.

This type of measures show that EDPR believes proactive environmental management generates value and constitutes the duty of any socially responsible company.