Environmental initiative

EDPR assumes, within the Environmental Policy, specific commitments with the protection of the climate, the preservation of natural resources and the engagement with biodiversity. Regarding biodiversity, EDPR commits to contribute to the prevention or reduction of loss in biodiversity, favouring a dynamic and wide-ranging management with local participation and a long-term vision. Specifically, EDPR is aware that one of the main concerns regarding biodiversity in wind facilities in Poland is bird and chiropter mortality.

Considering the above and complementing requirements issued for the Iłza Wind Farm in Poland, a post-construction bats monitoring was conducted. Following that process, EDPR decided to implement an activity near the wind farm as part of the environmental volunteering program. Consequently, 20 employees from Poland, under the supervision of a chiropterologist and foresters, hanged 140 bat boxes in a forest next to Iłza Wind Farm as a volunteering activity with a positive impact on the local environment.

Hanging the boxes was preceded by H&S training, instructions on how to do it and explanation of the positive impact of EDPR’s activities on bats and the environment. The employees worked collectively and are now waiting for the settling of new inhabitants and the development of a population of many species of bats. The post-investment monitoring of the boxes will last the next 3 years, and then EDPR will know specifically how much it has helped the local biodiversity.