The Audit Control and Related Party Transactions Committee is a specialized and delegated committee of the Board of Directors, responsible for the supervision of the financial information and internal control, risk management and Compliance systems. It also assumes  the functions related to the analysis, and when applicable, the approval of the Related Party Transactions of the Company. This body is governed by the Bylaws of the company and its Regulations.


The Audit Control and Related Party Transactions Committee’s mission is to monitor and supervise on a permanent basis:

  • Financial matters and accounting practices. 
  • Internal audit practices and procedures. 
  • The internal mechanisms and procedures of the Internal Control System and matters relating to risk management and control system. 
  • The activities and mechanisms of the compliance management system. 
  • The activity and independence of the Statutory Auditor of the Company.
  • The transactions to be entered into with Related Parties, including the appraisal on the fairness, reasonability and transparency of their conditions. 


The Audit, Control and Related Party Transactions Committee is composed by independent members of the Board of Directors with the appropriate qualification and experience, who are the following:

  • José Morgado (Chair);
  • Rosa García;
  • Ana Paula Serra.