Operating Data 2017

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Operating Data 2017

Tuesday 23, January 2018

EDPR produced 27.6 TWh of clean energy in 2017, +13% YoY. The increase in production benefitted from the capacity added over the last 12 months along with the higher realized load factor (31% vs 30% in 2016)

In 2017, EDPR operations in Europe, North America and Brazil generated 42%, 55% and 3% of the total output, respectively. In Europe, EDPR’s output increased 4% YoY to 11.7 In North America, EDPR’s output in the period increased 20% YoY, totalling 15.1 TWh, reflecting new capacity additions and benefitting from the higher wind resource of such projects. In Brazil, production increased to 861 GWh, driven by new capacity in operation with higher wind resource (+9pp YoY).

In 2017, EDPR achieved a 31% load factor (vs 30% in 2016). 

  • In Europe, EDPR reached 27% load factor (+1pp YoY). 
  • In North America, EDPR achieved a 35% load factor (vs 33% in 2016).
  • In Brazil, EDPR reached a 43% load factor (vs 35% in 2016).

In 2017 EDPR installed 600 MW, of which 424 MW in North America, 127 MW in Brazil and 49 MW net in Europe. 

Propelled by the capacity additions in the year, in Dec-17, EDPR managed a portfolio of 11.0 GW spread over 11 countries, of which 5.2 GW in Europe (2.4 GW in Spain, 1.6 GW in RoE and 1.3 GW in Portugal), 5.5 GW in North America and the remaining 0.3 GW in Brazil.

As of Dec-17, EDPR had 828 MW of wind onshore under construction. In the US were under construction 480 MW, 211 MW in Europe and 137 MW in Brazil.


EDPR CEO João Manso Neto said: “2017 was an excellent year in terms of volume and capacity. The year marked a turning point on reaching an installed capacity of 11 GW. We are immensely pleased to bring 2017 to a close with these figures, which show that we have implemented the right strategy to attain our goals”.