Registration and Qualification

All the information you need to become a supplier

The Registration process is an essential requirement for any company who intends to become a supplier or apply for a Qualification Process issued by EDPR.

This system consists essentially of a supplier search and selection tool out of a corporate database that is shared by EDPR and EDP Spain, managed in outsourcing with Achilles.

The present system is based on a three level registration, where mobility lies on the annual turnover with EDPR, as outlined:
I – Basic Level – potential supplier companies or suppliers with an annual turnover with EDPR below 10.000 €;
II – Standard Level – suppliers with an annual turnover with EDPR between 10.000 € and 150.000 €;
III – Strategic Level – suppliers with an annual turnover with EDPR over 150.000 €.

suplier registration

Main advantages

  • Participation by electronic means in processes of purchase sell of products and or services;
  • Ability to change confirm registration data at all times through an exclusive access password;
  • Minimize, for Standard and Strategic registration levels, the need for document delivery in tenders such as debt statements from the Tax Authority and Social Security using an Internet direct channel for documentation upload;
  • More than 1000 categories of products and services at your disposal which better suit your activity and portfolio of goods and services divided into:
    • Basic Categories (B) – products and/or services non-strategic with limited technical complexity;
    • Strategic Categories (E) – strategic products and/or services technically complex.

More details

The Basic and Standard registration levels are free-of-charge, as all administrative costs involved are fully incurred by EDPR and registered suppliers in these levels are only visible by EDPR and EDP Spain.

In the Strategic registration level, administrative charges are shared between EDP and the supplier. The annual fee attributable to the supplier, which you can find at Achilles, to back part of the costs with the management process and database information maintenance. Registered companies in this level, in addition to the EDPR and EDP Spain, will become also visible to other energy-sector member companies in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Business relations between supplier companies and Achilles are exclusive to both entities, being EDPR excluded from the process.

Achilles data validation:

Once the supplier submits all inherent formalities to the registration process, Achilles shall proceed to its validation. After validation, Achilles will inform the supplier by e-mail of the conclusion of the registration process, providing the username and the corresponding password.

Information update:

It is the supplier’s full responsibility to keep information up to date and reliable before the EDP Group.

Registration in Achilles

Suppliers registration in USA

To be a US suppliers, you have to pass through a Pre qualification process.

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