Mitigate climate change

As a clean energy company, EDPR is strongly committed to the protection of the climate by stepping-up to the challenge of the decarbonization of the economy, establishing an ambitious growth strategy, as reflected in its 2021-25 Business Plan. 

Climate Action

EDPR is a leading company in renewable energy, producing clean and green energy and committed with defined growth targets contributing to the climate change. Its core business activity inherently implies the reduction of GHG emissions.

Wind and solar energy has zero carbon emissions and does not produce harmful SOx, NOx, or mercury emissions, protecting valuable air and water resources. By producing renewable energy, EDPR is contributing to the world’s fight against climate change and reinforcing its commitment to the United Nation’s SDG 13: take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Global portfolio of clean installed capacity by the end of 2021
Clean energy generated in 2021

COAvoided in 2021