Development and Training



The development of our employees is a strategic objective, stimulating the acquisition of new knowledge and individual skills and aligning people’s training with the Company’s internationalization and competitive challenges.

According to the 70:20:10 model, 70% of the development comes from experiences through the role, involving the employees in their own development through challenging initiatives.

We make significant investments in training and development programs, which allows us to offer a combination of different approaches to training that include job experiences, social learning and actions that combine corporate, technical, behavioral and on the job training.

The main development programs that currently exist are:

Lead Now Program: an advanced development program addressed to middle management with the objective of supporting them in the role they will assume as team leaders.

Executive Development Program: a customized development program carried out with a leading business school designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of EDPR top-performing employees.

Coaching Program: designed for middle management and conducted by an external entity that provides guidance to directors of the Company that act as coaches for the program participants.