Our Employees



Every year, we perform an Organizational Climate Study survey of our employees to gain valuable insight for personnel management.

According to the results of the 2017 Organizational Climate Study:

  • 72% of our employees are highly committed to the company 
  • 68% have a positive perception of the company's organizational capabilities

EDPR also excelled as an employer in comparison with other companies (87%), in Diversity (84%), Social Responsibility (84%) and Values (82%).

These initial results are noteworthy and encouraging, placing EDPR in the lead among utility companies, and in line with top performers worldwide.

However, these figures also show us there is always room for improvement as we evolve and continue inspiring our employees to do more and better. We need to work on issues such as Work, Structure & Process (55%), Collaboration (63%) and Performance Management (63%) to grow EDPR into an even better company, with clear and accessible opportunities for all.


At EDPR, we’re always committed to improvement!