Project Overview

The Bemersyde Wind Project is a proposed project located in the Rural Municipalities of Chester No. 125 and Golden West No. 95. Located just south of the hamlet of Peebles, this project will install between 20-75 wind turbine generators. The project has been in development since 2009 and will be submitted in response to SaskPower's current procurement for new wind generation capacity in November 2020. The project benefits from an excellent wind resource and is in close proximity to existing transmission infrastructure. If successful, the Bemersyde Wind Project would be expected to be operational by December, 2023.

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To keep the community and interested stakeholders informed on our progress, the project team is holding a virtual open house from 6pm to 8pm CST on November 12th. While meeting in-person is our preference, the open house will be held virtually to ensure a safe environment for all during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There are two ways to join the virtual open house (1) online through your computer and (2) calling our toll-free phoneline, details are provided below. The presentation will be posted to this webpage before the meeting.

  • Online: Join through the internet by typing the url address below in your internet browser, click “Continue in Browser”, enter your email and name (information is used to identify who joined the meeting) and then follow the prompts to join the conversation.

    Web Meeting url address: 

  • Phone: Connect to the meeting through our toll-free telephone line, simply call 1-855-950-3708, press 2 for English, and use passcode 136500# to join the conversation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with and questions, comments or concerns.

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Approximately 60 landowners have agreed to participate in the project across approximately 35,000 acres of land. The location and lands which will host the Bemersyde Wind Project are highly compatible with the construction and operation of a successful wind project.

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The Bemersyde project has been in development over a decade. During this time, extensive community outreach has occurred with numerous open houses, presentations to council, and meetings with numerous First Nation communities. The project team continues to be involved in the community and appreciates the close-knit, family oriented focus. The Bemersyde Wind Farm is looking forward to continuing to build on the great relationships that have been established and appreciate the strong and continued community support it has received.

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