We are the fourth largest operator of wind energy in the U.S., and the generation of our wind farms, solar parks, and storage projects is equivalent to the consumption of nearly 3 million homes. Our projects support more than 114,000 jobs, and conserve billions of gallons of water each year.

We are driven by our commitment to a clean energy future and creating value for our landowners, communities, and other stakeholders throughout the continent.

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    We found [54 projects] that match that criteria
    21 Number Nine Lake Road
    Presque Isle, ME 04769, USA
    Mitchell and Howard Counties
    Iowa, USA
    3517 South Dakota Road
    Moran, KS 66755
    134 North Industrial Street
    LeRoy, MN 55951
    21441 State Highway 81
    Darlington, WI 53530
    201 NW Main Street
    Hopedale, IL 61747
    72650 Rattlesnake Road
    Arlington, OR 97883
    1421 County Road 1190
    Tuttle, OK 73089
    Zapata County
    Texas, USA
    15800 70th Street West
    Mojave, CA 93501
    Randolph County
    Indiana, USA
    Madison and Oneida Counties
    New York, USA
    622 Indiana State Road 43
    Reynolds, IN 46204, USA
    Sandrini Sol I & II
    Kern County
    California, USA
    396 11th Avenue, Suite 1320B
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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