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Project Overview

Sunshine Valley Solar Park is located in Nye County in southern Nevada. The solar park will complement the area’s desert landscape while harnessing the region’s abundant sun.

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Energy Output

Sunshine Valley Solar Park has an installed capacity of 100 megawatts (MW). Sunshine Valley's generation is equivalent to the consumption of more than 26,000 Nevada homes.

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Sunshine Valley Solar Park yields significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment.

Sunshine Valley represents a capital investment of approximately $90 million. The project will create hundreds of jobs during construction as well as several permanent jobs during the life of the project.

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Sunshine Valley Solar Park saves more than 177 million gallons of water each year and displaces carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants, a major contributor to climate change. Solar energy also enhances air quality by helping to mitigate the health effects of harmful air pollutants.



Sunshine Valley Solar Park is compatible with other land uses and provides a stable form of income to local landowners. Millions of dollars will be paid to the solar park’s landowners through the life of the project.

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National Security

Sunshine Valley Solar Park will contribute to the United States' energy security and help diversify our nation's energy supply.

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Solar Panels

Sunshine Valley Solar Park consists of more than one million photovoltaic solar panels. Photovoltaic solar cells have no moving parts and convert sunlight directly into electricity via the photoelectric effect. This direct-current electricity is then collected, transformed into alternating-current, and finally enters the electrical grid through a substation after being converted to the proper voltage.

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Contact us

Sunshine Valley O&M Office
1520 South Powerline Road
Amargosa Valley, NV 89020
T: 480.271.9221
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