Poland: Engaging our Communities.

Social Initiatives

Poland: Engaging our Communities

EDPR organized events and supported local initiatives across Poland during September

EDPR organized events and supported local initiatives across Poland during September.
These activities help strengthen our presence in the local communities where we operate wind farms, as well as maintain good relationships with local authorities, opinion leaders and local residents.

Margonin Wind Farm

EDPR was featured in a local environmental television program. We collaborated with journalists from local station WTF, as well as local authorities, to prepare materials to educate the local population on how renewable power plants work, and what the benefits are compared to traditional energy sources. The 14 minute segment featured many scenic shots of Margonin Wind Farm and its surrounding areas. To see the program, which aired on Oct. 4.

Pawlowo Wind Farm

EDPR supported a bike ride for senior citizens that was held in September in the town of Gołańcz. The event was coordinated by youth from a local community center.

Iłża Wind Farm

EDPR supported one of the most important local events - The Iłża half marathon. During the half marathon we organized educational and environmental activities, as well as competitions for children. Also during September, EDPR hosted a wind farm photo exhibition. The event aimed to show how beautiful local wind farms can be, and help create positive connotations with wind turbines. The event was organized in cooperation with the local city hall and local photographers.

J&Z Wind Farm

EDPR hosted children from Jedrzychowice village, aged 4 to 13, on a visit to our wind farm in Mala Wies Dolna. The children, along with their teachers and several parents, had the chance to learn about how wind power works, and visit a station and turbine. The event helped to build our image as a reliable company that invests and supports environmental education.

Korsze & Jarczów

EDPR financially supported the local harvest festivals in the towns of Korsze and Jarczów. Sponsorships of these important cultural events show our commitment to local communities and their cultural heritage.