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Company Structure


The EDPR organisation model is organised around five main elements: a Corporate Center Holding, an Onshore Europe & Brazil platform, an Onshore North America platform, a New Geographies platform and, lastly, an Offshore platform.

The principles on which EDPR bases its organisational model is defined by the Executive Committee. These are a set of performance aspects that define the characteristics of the relationships, grant the rights between EDPR Holding and the business units, and ensure optimal efficiency and value creation.

EDPR Holding

EDPR Holding seizes value creation through the dissemination of best practices in the organisation and the standardisation of corporate processes to the platforms and the business units to improve efficiency. The internal coordination model and interface with EDP Group impacts functions and responsibilities of both the company’s processes and structure. The assignments of the main responsibilities and activities of EDPR Holding to fulfil their respective missions include:

  • Define internal structures;
  • Ensure a global budget and its periodic monitoring;
  • Manage the essential human resources;
  • Provide appropriate management information;
  • Compete for a culture of excellence throughout the Group;
  • Integrate risk management and compliance in each area of responsibility, ensuring the monitoring and effectiveness of controls.

EDPR Platforms

Europe & Brazil Onshore platform

There are different business units where the company operates, namely Spain, Portugal, France/Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Chile and Brazil.


North America Onshore platform

There are three business units that represent the operational regions in North America: United States of America, Mexico and Canada.


New Geographies platform

This platform grants EDPR’s international business expansion in any geography where the company does not currently operate.


Offshore platform

In January 2020, EDPR finalised the agreement with ENGIE to create a 50:50 Joint Venture for offshore wind that grants the development of projects in the UK, Portugal, France, Belgium, Poland, and the US.