Poland: Engaging our Communities

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Poland: Engaging our Communities

EDPR in Poland organized several events in November in order to build relationships with local stakeholders and opinion leaders

EDPR in Poland organized several events in November in order to build relationships with local stakeholders and opinion leaders.
"Your Energy" in the towns of Radziejow and Budzyn
Specialists from EDPR hosted the second edition of "Your Energy", an educational project for elementary school children. The aim of the event was to educate children about energy that comes from wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass resources. The experts also demonstrated how to use electricity in an eco-friendly way. Children learned a lot about renewable energy through the kid-friendly activities, which included experiments, animations and stories. After the workshops, each student received a drawstring backpack, puzzle and a workbook.

Radziejow Wind Farm - "The Windmills" educational performance
"The Windmills" performance was created by a group of experts to educate children about wind power through a tailored theatrical experience. The idea of the show was to give children a positive impression of the eco-friendly windmills that operate in the neighborhood. The show followed the lives of the zany Windmills Family, who depend on the wind for their livelihood.

EDPR Sumo Cup in Tyszowce
The EDPR Sumo Cup is one of the most important sporting events in the region of Tyszowce, which is home to Kresy Wind Farm. Starting this year, EDPR is the title sponsor of the championships. There were over 200 wrestlers from across Poland. Representatives of EDPR handed out awards to the winners. EDPR displayed its branding and built up its image as a company strongly invested in the local community.

Poturzyn Wind Farm - University Challenge tour
EDPR organized a trip from Warsaw to Poturzyn Wind Farm, which is currently under construction, for 13 professors from universities that are taking part in our University Challenge contest: Warsaw University, Warsaw Technical University and Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The participants first listened to brief presentations on EDPR and the energy business prepared by Deputy Director Łukasz Zagórski and Robert Adamczewski, Head of Development in Poland. Then all participants went to the construction site where they were given a tour by Robert Hałuszczak, Head of Construction and Engineering.

Margonin Wind Farm - Presentation for local stakeholders
In cooperation with a local cultural center in Margonin, EDPR organized a presentation, given by Senior Asset Manager Adam Wiliński, that gave an overview of the wind farm and how it works for local residents and authorities..