EDP Renewables North America

About Us

EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA) is a renewable industry leader and the fourth-largest wind developer in the United States. We are experienced developers and operators of renewable energy, with wind farms, solar parks, and storage projects throughout the continent. We are passionate about achieving a clean energy future and creating long-term value in the communities where we operate.

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We operate 58 wind farms and 9 solar parks across North America. 

We have more than 200 million hours of operational history at our wind farms and solar parks.

Our parent company, EDP, has been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 14 consecutive years.

Community Partnerships

EDPR NA’s relationships with local communities represent more than just business. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships rooted in trust, respect, and transparency.

Our wind farms and solar parks generate revenues that directly support local schools, roads, police, fire protection, and many other government services. They create direct and indirect jobs, payments to landowners, and increased spending in the project areas. We are also committed to supporting small businesses by locally procuring project materials and services­­, when possible.


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Our wind and solar projects generate clean energy and positive benefits in local communities. Learn more about our projects or find one near you.

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"The best thing about having a wind turbine, when you think about it? Well, it’s a start of a new phase of energy. That’s the future. You’re part of history starting." - Dave Greulach, Landowner

"The wind farm helps the schools a lot. Kids will get a better education." - Landowner Earl Huebner, Timber Road Wind Farm

"EDP Renewables will work with the farmer and say ‘now what works best for you?’ They want to know so they can make it as easy as possible for the farmer." - Landowner Mike Brady, Timber Road Wind Farm

"When you have local businesses being successful because of these wind farm projects, I don’t see a downside." - County Sheriff Keith Everhart, Hog Creek Wind Farm

"EDP Renewables did more than I expected and I am pleased. If anyone asks me whether or not to put turbines on their land, I’d say go for it." - Landowner Francis Lyssy, Los Mirasoles Wind Farm  

"The wind farm brings a lot of revenue to the local area. Puts a lot of truck drivers to work. Restaurants and stores do very well. Everybody wins with wind." - Landowners Gilbert and Connie Merrill, Jericho Rise Wind Farm

Social Investments

EDPR NA is committed to being an engaged and active community member in the areas in which we operate.

We are focused on supporting various social initiatives and investments as well as local nonprofit groups, sponsoring cultural events, and providing educational opportunities for students in our project communities. We work with KidWind, an educational organization that gives teachers and students the tools to pursue their curiosity around science, technology, engineering, and math by bringing wind technology challenges into local classrooms. We also partner with local teachers to organize field trips to our projects for students to learn about wind turbines and power generation in-person.

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