Ground-mounted Solar Farms 

Solar power can supply a significant portion of domestic and global electricity needs. Ground-mounted (PV) systems can be installed in places that has sufficient open space and good sun exposure. 
The panels are installed in a variety of ways, from metal framing that is driven into the ground, or secured to ballasted concrete blocks, or poles which can support multiple solar panels higher off the ground. Depending on the scale and location, panels can be manually adjusted, or a tracking system can automate the tilt of the panels to capture the optimal amount of sunshine throughout the day. 


Our Capabilities

EDPR undertakes the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operation and Maintenance when constructing a solar utility farm. The initial part of the process involves the engineering design of the solar PV system. This entails a detailed process of analysis, conducting site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, forecast generation, selection of equipment, engineering design and 3D rendering of the proposed system. 

EDPR has the capability to support the procurement of equipment through knowledge of current technologies for each project requirements, in addition to overseeing the installation of the PV system. EDPR provides lifecycle operations and maintenance services by monitoring our systems from across multiple locations across countries. 

Ground-mounted Solar


Ninh Thuan Solar Farm, Vietnam 

Completed in 2019, the farm is located in the south-central coast of Vietnam and was commissioned as part of a 20-year solar power purchase agreement.

The plant will generate 168 MWp of solar energy, enough to power more than 100,000 households in the country and reduces carbon emissions by about 240,000 tonnes annually.  

When put into operation, the plant will create regular jobs for 30-40 unskilled workers, in addition to specialised employees and operation engineers.  


  • 168 MWp capacity 
  • 449,880 solar panels  
  • 42 inverters  
  • 271,000,000 MWh generation  
  • Can power up to 192,000 households in Vietnam 


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