Energy Storage System

An Energy Storage System (ESS) allows capturing of produced energy for usage later at a preferred time. Essentially, it consists of a large array of batteries connected to the grid via a Power Conversion System. 
EDP Renewables APAC's pandemic-proof Energy Storage System is built bespoke, based on each requirement and needs in energy management. The solution is developed meeting the highest fire standards required in Singapore, supported by 24/7 monitoring facilities and control using a Battery Management System. From initial design to build and commissioning, EDP Renewables APAC offers the full spectrum of operations including battery charging, discharging, cell balancing, health and state monitoring, fault detection and disaster prevention. 

Benefits of Energy Storage System
water evaporation
Cost saving by storing low-cost energy for use during peak periods, which typically have higher electricity rates.
energy security
The green alternative to diesel generator set as an uninterruptible power system.
energy mix
Overcome power intermittency from renewables and power up facilities 24/7.


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