By Shauna Ng
August 2023

This year, EDP Renewables Asia Pacific is helping power up part of the National Day Parade (NDP) event with renewable energy as the official Clean Energy Sponsor. We have deployed our Modular Containerised solar PV system at the Padang, which will help to power up part of the energy needs of the admin tentage at the event, thus helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Interesting note: Our unique Modular Containerised solar PV solution allows for extremely quick deployment (and dismantling) of the solar panels. The panels are linked up within the container and then rolled out via a roller system at site for deployment. This greatly reduces the amount resources needed to deploy the solar PV system – it only takes up a fraction of the time needed as compared to deploying conventional solar PV systems and is especially useful for areas where quick deployment and dismantling are paramount.

Modular Containerised Solar PV System

Modular Containerised Solution

With solar energy now diversifying the event’s energy mix, it promotes a more sustainable mix of energy sources to power up the event, while reducing the carbon footprint.

It is hoped that this would pave the way for future events to be more sustainably powered by clean renewable energy.

Solar Panel Placement

Solar Panel Placement

How is solar making a difference in Singapore?

Energy 4 Switches

                                                   Photo credit: Energy Market Authority

Climate change has caused an onslaught of detrimental impacts – the energy transition is imminent; we need to change the way we use and produce energy.

The power sector has a key part to play as it accounts for about 40% of Singapore’s carbon emissions. We need to significantly reduce emissions, while ensuring that the power grid remains secure, reliable and sustainable.

Singapore is therefore harnessing four energy supply switches to decarbonise the power sector, transform our energy supply and promote energy efficiency to reduce energy demand. Solar is one of these four key switches aimed at accelerating the nation’s sustainability agenda. 

How is EDP Renewables leading the energy transition?

Solar on Residential Flats in Singapore

EDP Renewables, a leading pure renewables player, is reimagining the energy sector and driving the acceleration to meet the urgent need for cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable energy for all, leaving no one behind.

We have made the ambitious commitment of investing more than €20 billion in the energy transition by 2026. We are also aiming to deploy more than 4GW/year of renewables between 2023-26 and doubling our wind and solar installed capacity by 2026 across the globe.

Tackling climate change will require a collective effort – everyone has a part to play in the energy transition.