Due to land and space scarcity in Singapore, it is vital to explore the possibility of deploying solar on all types of surfaces. This includes water bodies such as reservoirs and sea spaces. Solar deployment on freshwater reservoirs is well-established in Singapore but limited in area. On the other hand, sea spaces offer a potentially large area but are faced with multiple challenges, such as inaccessibility and harsh marine conditions.

As part of the EMA-KETEP II grant call, EDPR is exploring the use of dead sea space near Pulau Sebarok to testbed the potential of near-shore floating solar platforms. Dead sea space refers to maritime waters that are not usable for other purposes or are already unusable due to existing use of the area. Together with Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), EDPR will deploy floating solar platforms near the shore of Pulau Sebarok. The solar energy produced will be provided to the petrochemical storage terminal on the island, replacing some of its existing diesel-generated energy and reducing the terminal’s carbon emissions.

As the development is located near the shoreline of Pulau Sebarok, which is host to local marine wildlife, EDPR has engaged a consultant to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to assess the potential environmental impact of the floating platforms.

The study has assessed that there is minor to no significant impact within the study area, as the platforms and its mooring system will avoid the coral-populated shoreline. The seabed underneath the platforms consists of a mixture of coral rubble and rocks with no coral or seagrass communities. Even so, key government stakeholders, including representatives from nature groups were engaged to seek their feedback.

Access to the Nearshore Floating Photovoltaic (PV) Farm at Pulau Sebarok Environmental Study Report can be found here. This environmental study report will be available for public feedback from 4 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2023. EDP Renewables APAC will consider all relevant public feedback before seeking final approval from the Government. Please contact edprapac.sgp.sebarok@edp.com for more information or to provide your feedback.