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Sunseap, founded in 2011, is a leading renewable energy champion based out of Singapore and has a history of over 11 years in Renewables in the APAC region. In February 2022, EDP Renewables (EDPR) acquired a 91% stake in Sunseap. Since then, EDP Renewables APAC was formed, establishing a leading clean energy hub for the APAC region. The acquisition enables EDPR to extend a truly global reach and to address its increasingly global client base as well as its continued commitment to renewable energy.

EDP Renewables APAC is headquartered in Singapore and present across 9 markets (Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam) currently with more than 1.3 GWp* of installed and under construction solar capacity.

EDPR is a global leader in the renewable energy sector and one of the largest wind producers worldwide with 16.6 GW* installed and present in 29 markets. 

EDP is EDPR's main shareholder with 75% stake operating across energy generation, networks and supply, including a total installed capacity of 28.9 GW*, networks of over 370 thousand km and over 9 million clients.

*Figures as of December 2023

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Our strategy: Promoting clean energy while operating in a sustainable way across the three ESG dimensions is one of the key focus of our Business Plan, which is based on Growth, Value and Excellence.

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EDPR participates in these Sustainability assessments achieving leadership positions in some Sustainability Indexes.
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Sustainability External Indexes
Sustainability External Indexes


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