Utility Scale Ground-mounted PV 

Ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems can be installed anywhere that has sufficient open space and good sun exposure.

Singapore's Floating PV

Utility Scale Floating PV 

Floating photovoltaic (PV) systems utilise water bodies such as reservoirs or lakes, where large amounts of surface area is underutilised for the potential deployment of solar energy systems.

Image of an installation of solar panels.

Distributed Generation 

Distributed Generation is essentially rooftop solar system which utilised unused rooftop space for the deployment of solar systems. In land scare regions, rooftop solar systems provide an avenue for businesses to utilise solar energy by generating solar energy from the rooftops of their buildings. 


Energy Storage Systems 

An Energy Storage System (ESS) allows the capturing of produced energy for usage later at a preferred time. 

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