Floating PV  

EDP Renewables APAC identifies opportunities to utilise water bodies, where large amounts of surface area is underutilized, for the potential deployment of solar energy systems. Floating solar systems offer exciting opportunities for land-scarce and densely populated cities, acting as a solution for these areas to still tap into renewable energy despite the lack of space.

Floating solar systems can be deployed on water bodies such as reservoirs or lakes and has the potential to generate more solar energy as compared to traditional rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV systems since these surface areas are unobscured from the sun with low risks of vandalism or theft. 
Solar panels floating on water can also generally produce more energy as the water cools down solar panels, increasing the efficiency of the panels and thus allowing more solar energy to be generated. Furthermore, it can decrease the amount of water lost via evaporation, by providing shading to the water below.

Benefits of Floating PV System
water evaporation
A solution for land-scarce regions to tap into renewable energy.
energy security
Improves the country’s energy security.
energy mix
Diversify the energy mix.

Offshore Floating Photovoltaic, Singapore 

In March 2021, EDP Renewables APAC completed the installation of one of the world’s largest floating solar farms on seawater in the Straits of Johor.  

It was a massive engineering feat as this structure is constructed offshore and is subjected to wave motions, currents and potentially higher wind force.

Hence, a robust constant tension mooring system keeps the structure and the operational equipment onboard steady. The system design also takes into consideration corrosion brought about by exposure to seawater.

The successful installation of the 5 MWp offshore floating photovoltaic (OFPV) system paves the way for the potential of more OFPV projects in the region as land-scarce countries tap into offshore solar as part of their renewables strategy.  


  • 5 MWp capacity 
  • 5 Hectares  
  • 13,312 panels  
  • 40 inverters  
  • > 30,000 floats 
  • 6,000 MWh generation  
  • Can power up to 1,100 four-room public housing flats 
EDPR APAC floating pv infographic.


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