Solar Plant

EDP Renewables inaugurates in Poland its largest European solar project

Jueves 21, Septiembre 2023

In central Poland, the Przykona photovoltaic plant will produce energy enough to supply more than 100,000 households in the area annually;

This large-scale installation underscores EDPR's commitment to transforming Europe’s energy landscape where the company already has an installed capacity of around 5.5 GW.

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a leading global company in the development of renewable energy, has unveiled in Poland its largest photovoltaic plant in Europe. The plant, located in Przykona, in the center-west of the country, has an installed capacity of 200 MWp (153 MWac).

Przykona will generate annually close to 220 GWh of clean energy, preventing the emission of more than 208,000 tons of CO2. This represents another significant stride towards Poland's energy transition, a goal that EDPR is actively pursuing in all the markets where it operates.

This large-scale photovoltaic plant, which is also the second largest in Poland, has nearly 308,000 bifacial panels that are capable of harnessing solar radiation from both sides and thus maximizing the clean production of electricity. 

Przykona, which becomes the second largest in Poland,, stands as a flagship project representing the much needed transition to more sustainable energy sources, as it operates on the grounds of a former coal mine, demonstrating the transformation of the energy landscape.

"The commissioning of Przykona is a new renewable milestone in Europe and makes EDPR a major player in large-scale photovoltaics in Poland. With this installation, the company has  a cumulative solar power capacity of more than 280 MWp in the country, accounting for more than 90% of its total solar capacity in Europe. We are proud to continue implementing new clean energy infrastructures that promote the diversification of Poland’senergy mix," said Duarte Bello, Chief Operating Officer of EDP Renewables in Europe and Latin America.

Since entering the Polish market in 2008, EDPR has increased its installed capacity in the country, currently exceeding 900 MW and in the first six months of 2023, EDPR has grown interannually over 269 MW of installed capacity in Poland. Additionally, the company recently inaugurated its first hybrid farm in Poland, integrating the 45 MWp Konary photovoltaic plant and the 79.5 MW Polowo wind farm at the same substation.

EDP Renewables remains committed to diversifying its technologies, with solar power already accounting for more than 13% of the company's global portfolio. The company aims for solar to make up a substantial portion of the business's installed capacity, with 30% Utility Scale and 7% distributed solar.

The EDP group, to which EDPR belongs, has also invested in distributed solar projects for business customers in Poland, contributing to a total of 371 MWp of solar capacity in Poland.