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EDPR informs about change in qualified shareholding of Blackrock

Martes, 12 Marzo 2024

Madrid, March 11th, 2024: EDP Renováveis, S.A. (“EDPR”) is providing the following information to the market: 

Blackrock Inc. (“Blackrock”) has notified EDPR that, in accordance with article 23 of Royal Decree 1362/2007, its participation has crossed the 3% minimum threshold for qualified shareholding positions in various instances as a result of the transactions executed on the following dates:


                                                Transaction                % of voting rights       % of voting rights through       Total of both 
                                                      Date                      attached to share            financial instruments                    in %

                                            March 1st, 2024                     3.005                                      0.233                               3.238

                                            March 4th, 2024                    2.973                                      0.266                               3.239

                                            March 7th, 2024                    3.033                                      0.194                               3.227

                                            March 8th, 2024                    2.986                                      0.239                               3.225


Following all the above-mentioned transactions, Blackrock is attributed as of March 8th with 33,026,441 voting rights in EDPR, corresponding to 3.225% of the aggregate voting rights in the company. 

Please find in attachment the notices and regulatory forms received from Blackrock.

EDP Renováveis, S.A.