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EDP Renewables secures tariff for four new solar projects in the latest solar tender in France

Sexta-feira 06, Outubro 2023
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EDP Renewables secured nearly 30MWp in the solar tender from the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE), for the first-time securing tariffs for four solar projects simultaneously;

Three of the projects are being developed through Kronos Solar EDPR, a solar developer based in Germany.

EDP Renewables, a leading renewable energy player, is among the winners of the latest solar tender of the Commission de Régulation de l'Énergie (CRE), securing nearly 30 MWp of installed capacity to be deployed in the coming years. Three projects out of four originate from the partnership with Kronos solar EDPR, a solar developer company based in Germany and majority owned by EDPR. 

The four projects awarded a 20-year contract for difference (CfD) will be located in Ménestreau (Bourgogne Franche-Comté), Pont à Mousson (Grand Est), Cavignac (Nouvelle Aquitaine) and Plancy l'Abbaye (Grand Est). This result marks a milestone in the deployment of large-scale solar capacity for both EDPR and Kronos Solar EDPR in France.

These projects illustrate the technological shift taken by the company on the French market, accordingly with the strategic positions taken on a global scale by the EDP group in its Business Plan 2023-2026. By accelerating the diversification of its technological mix, the company seeks to broaden its capacity to meet the challenges of the energy transition and strengthen its position in France, Europe and globally. 

Solar energy will play a key role in the path for energy transition in France. The 1.5 GWp awarded in the CRE tender clearly demonstrates it. Renewable energies are an essential lever for the country's energy security and independence. We are proud to contribute to this collective challenge by bringing one more brick to the transition towards a low-carbon energy horizon, says Pedro Vinagre, Executive Director of North and Central Europe at EDP Renewables.

In France for more than 15 years, EDP Renewables has an installed capacity of more than 600 MW in operation, including more than 200 MW owned. In 2023 the company began construction of its first photovoltaic project in France, in collaboration with Kronos Solar EDPR, a company that has a long-term expertise based on 80 projects successfully commissioned in nine countries and a portfolio of more than 9 GW+ of solar projects in different stages of development.