Installed capacity of 180 megawatts (MW)

Project overview

Azalea Springs Solar Park is located in the northwest corner of Angelina County, Texas, about 10 miles northwest of Lufkin and 17 miles southwest of Nacogdoches. The solar park is sited on land that was primarily used as a timber site. Azalea Springs Solar Park is commencing construction activities and intends to reach full operations in 2025.

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Economic benefits

Azalea Springs Solar Park yields significantly in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment. Azalea Springs Solar Park is also compatible with other land uses and provides a stable form of income to local landowners.

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Millions of dollars

Capital investment

Approx. $42+ million

Paid to local governments

Millions of dollars

Paid to landowners

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Millions of dollars

Spent locally

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Job creation

Approximately 300 construction jobs and three or more permanent jobs would be created

Renewable energy benefits in Texas

With the collaboration of local business owners, landowners, and other community members across Texas, EDPR NA is able to provide clean energy for the state, in addition to strengthening the local economies where our projects operate.
Renewable energy benefits in Texas

Renewable energy technology

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Energy security

Azalea Springs Solar Park would contribute to the national energy security for the state of Texas and the United States, helping diversify domestic supply.
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Azalea Springs Solar Park is currently exploring using single-axis tracking PV panels, across approximately 2,000 acres.
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Solar energy in the U.S.

Solar costs have fallen 57% over the last decade, making it one of the most affordable new electricity sources in the U.S.
Environmental benefits
228 million gallons of water saved each year

Azalea Springs Solar Park would save more than 228 million gallons of water each year and would displace carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants, a major contributor to climate change. Azalea Springs Solar Park would also enhance air quality by helping to mitigate the health effects of harmful air pollutants.



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