We are the fourth largest operator of wind energy in the U.S., and the generation of our wind farms, solar parks, and storage projects is equivalent to the consumption of nearly 3 million homes. Our projects support 950 jobs, and conserve billions of gallons of water each year.

We are driven by our commitment to a clean energy future and creating value for our landowners, communities, and other stakeholders throughout the continent.

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Wind Farms

We operate 58 wind farms containing more than 3,200 wind turbines across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
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Solar Parks

The generation of our solar parks in California, Arizona, Nevada, and South Carolina is equivalent to the consumption of more than 95,000 American homes.
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Energy Storage

Our storage capabilities will ensure wind and solar energy is available 24 hours a day, regardless of the weather.
    We found [72 projects] that match that criteria
    1971 Western Avenue #230
    Albany, NY 12203, USA
    Amazon Ohio-Timber Road
    9630 State Road 49
    Payne, OH 45880
    9251 Highway 77 South
    Davis, OK 73030, USA
    9543 Center Road
    Fredonia, NY 14063, USA
    Angelina County
    Texas, USA
    3109 State Highway 19
    Carnegie, OK 73015, USA
    Putnam County
    Ohio, USA
    Lake County
    Oregon, USA
    29292 E. 2900 North Road
    Chenoa, IL 61726, USA
    Pinal County
    Arizona, USA
    5585 Cameron Road
    Cameron, SC 29030, USA
    Milam County
    Texas, USA
    Mississippi County
    Arkansas, USA
    Kit Carson County
    Colorado, USA
    Saginaw County
    Michigan, USA
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