Powering local economies across North America.

EDPR NA renewable energy projects generate tax revenue and economic development funds that create additional growth and civic investment in the communities that host our clean energy projects.

Strengthening North America's diverse economic landscapes

Renewable energy projects create family-wage jobs, expand the local tax base, and invest millions of dollars in rural communities. In many project areas, EDPR NA’s wind farms, solar parks, energy storage systems, and green hydrogen solutions are the top taxpaying entity in the county or city, providing critical funding to services relied upon by local residents. Below is an overview of our economic impact to date:

Energy savings
$500+ Million

In new tax revenue to local governments

$239 Million

Paid by EDPR NA to local landowners

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$15 Billion

In capital investment

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Permanent jobs created


Construction jobs created

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Explore how clean energy benefits communities
With the collaboration of local business owners, landowners, and other community members, EDPR NA is able to provide clean energy, in addition to strengthening the local economies where our projects operate.
Texas Renewable Energy Benefits
Renewable energy benefits in Texas
Illinois Renewable Energy Benefits
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New York Renewable Energy Benefits
Ohio Renewable Energy Benefits

Impact of renewable energy stories

generating a stable income

Stable job creation

“For me, wind energy was a way to have a stable career and stay near home. With a high school diploma and a willingness to learn, you can have a good paying job in a rural area." - Brodie D., Operations Manager at Quilt Block Wind Farm 
local business growth

Local business growth

“The wind farm has taken my winter business to almost a spring and summer-level of business without ever missing a beat throughout the whole wintertime, which is normally a slower time." - Kirk D., small business owner in Moran, Kansas 
Building local infrstructure

Strengthening local infrastructure

“A steady income lets us keep up with the technology and the curriculum that allows individuality. Tax dollar-wise, the wind farm will definitely have an impact for us as a county.”  - Kim E., principal of Local School in Moran, Kansas
Revenue generation to achieve local goals
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Producing economic development
Learn about the economic activity and growth our clean energy projects bring to cities and towns.
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Creating skilled trade jobs
View how our renewable energy projects create stable, family-wage jobs.
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Developing an additional tax revenue stream
Our clean energy projects bring revenue into project communities by supporting essential infrastructure, including schools, roads, and fire departments.
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Reinvesting in the community
With the additional revenue from our clean energy projects, local residents have greater resources to reinvest in their community.

Explore what we do

Work with us to maximize clean energy benefits for your community.

Our team works with a diverse market of renewable energy purchasers, including public and private utility entities, municipalities, educational institutions, large corporations, and many other customers. By tailoring community development strategies to benefit each customer's specific needs, our team creates long-term relationships that promote clean energy investments, as well as economic and community growth for local economies.

Improving the health of our earth

EDPR NA is a sustainable and green energy company working towards a better world for current and future generations. Our team's energy and heart are driving a better tomorrow for North America.

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16+ Billion

Gallons of water saved

14+ billion

Pounds of carbon emissions avoided

Renewable energy sector's impact across North America 

Renewable Energy Benefits
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How is wind power benefiting the U.S. economy?

Wind power is the largest source of renewable electricity generation in the United States, providing 10.2% of the country’s electricity. Below are the economic benefits the Amercian Clean Power Association has researched and quantified for wind energy in the United States:

  • $151 billion of economic investments in the last decade
  • $20 billion of economic investments produced through new project development in 2021
  • The industry employs more than 120,000 Americans across all 50 states
  • An estimated $1.9 billion is state and local tax payments and land-lease payments each year

Learn more about the benefits of wind energy from the American Clean Power Association

How is solar power benefiting the U.S. economy?

Utility-scale solar is the 3rd-largest source of renewable energy. Solar parks have a total capacity of 68 GW nationwide, which is equivalent to powering 15 million homes. Below are the economic benefits the Amercian Clean Power Association has researched and quantified for solar energy in the United States:

  • $143 billion of economic investments in projects nationwide
  • Approximately $633 million in state and local taxes and land-lease payments annually
  • The industry employs more than 253,000 Americans across all 50 states
  • Employs America’s veterans at a rate 33% above the national average

Learn more about the benefits of solar energy from the American Clean Power Association

How is energy storage benefiting the U.S. electricity grid?

Energy storage is critical to an efficient, clean electric grid. It enables us to produce clean energy when it’s abundant, store it, and put it back into the electricity grid when needed. Below are a few benefits of energy storage and how it is enhancing grid resiliency, according to research done by the American Clean Power Association:

  • Helps provide uninterrupted power for consumers, businesses, and other users
  • Energy storage can help businesses avoid costly disruptions
  • Enables us to power the grid using renewables like solar and wind, even when the sun is down or the wind is not blowing
  • U.S. battery storage jumped from 47 MW in 2010 to 8,246 MW in Q3 2022

Learn more about the benefits of energy storage from the American Clean Power Association

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