Installed capacity of 209-megawatts of renewable energy

Project overview

Reloj del Sol Wind Farm is located outside of San Ygnacio in Zapata County. The project provides landowners with a stable, weather- resistant cash crop through lease payments with minimal impact on current land use.

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Economic benefits

Reloj del Sol Wind Farm yields significantly in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment. Reloj del Sol Wind Farm is also compatible with other land uses and provides a stable form of income to local landowners.

$293+ million

Capital investment

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$1.9 million

Paid to local governments

Energy savings
$10.8 million

Paid to landowners

$236.6 million

Spent locally

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Job creation

475 construction jobs and 15 permanent jobs created

Renewable energy technology

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Energy security

Reloj del Sol helps strengthen energy security for the state of Texas and the United States, helping diversify domestic supply.
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Reloj del Sol Wind Farm consists of 63 Nordex Acciona AW132 3.4 MW wind turbines.
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Wind energy in the U.S.

Wind is the largest source of renewable electricity generation in the United States, providing 10.1% of the country’s electricity.
Environmental benefits
371 million gallons of water saved each year

Reloj del Sol saves more than 371 million gallons of water each year and prevents the air pollution that causes smog, acid rain, and climate change.



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