Rolling Upland

Project Overview

Rolling Upland Wind Farm will be located in Madison and Sangerfield townships in Madison and Oneida counties. The project will be adjacent to EDP Renewables’ Madison Wind Farm, the first commercial wind farm constructed in New York, and will complement the area’s mixed landscape and provide local landowners with a stable, weather-resistant cash crop in the form of landowner lease payments.

Rolling Upland Map

Energy Output

Rolling Upland Wind Farm will have an installed capacity of 76.2 megawatts (MW). Rolling Upland's generation is equivalent to the consumption of 32,000 New York homes.

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Rolling Upland Wind Farm yields significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment.

Rolling Upland represents a capital investment of approximately $106 million. The project will create hundreds of full-time equivalent jobs during construction and several permanent jobs during the life of the project. Millions of dollars will be spent within 50 miles of the wind farm through the life of the project.

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Rolling Upland Wind Farm will save more than 135 million liters of water each year and displaces carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants, a major contributor to climate change. Wind energy also enhances air quality by helping to mitigate the health effects of harmful air pollutants.



Rolling Upland Wind Farm is compatible with other land uses and will provide a stable form of income to local landowners. Millions of dollars will be paid to local landowners through the life of the project.

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Wind Banner Road
Wind Banner Road
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Modern wind turbine generators are sophisticated, high-tech machines designed to capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into electricity. A turbine’s blades capture the wind and rotate an internal shaft connected to a gearbox spinning a generator to produce electricity.

Rolling Upland Wind Farm will consist of approximately 14 wind turbines using cutting-edge technology.

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New York State Fact Sheet
Rolling Upland Fact Sheet
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