Changing Tomorrow now


At EDPR, we are in the business of innovating. Our 4 decade long track record has turned us into better energy providers and pioneers of the green evolution. Change has been our driver as we deliver an agile network with more efficient, smart and sustainable solutions. As leaders in the energy transition, we see investment in renewables as an active way to engage with future generations, promoting decarbonisation in energy production and consumption. We are playing our part for a more balanced and sustainable world, one that is inclusive, diverse and humane.

We’re changing tomorrow now.

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The community of Change

Society is not just about sharing a culture, a past and a space. It’s about living together, working as one. We have the power for a better Future. And it’s cleaner, greener and more sustainable than ever.

Message from the CEO

"Clean energy will be at the center of the post-COVID recovery, helping to stimulate the economy and accelerate the energy transition"

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade
CEO EDP Renewables


We are playing our part

We are consciously taking action to pioneer and promote energy transition, advocating diversity and inclusiveness in our ranks and in the communities in which we operate. Aiming to make change happen towards a more balanced and greener world.

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EDPR in the world

In 2020, EDPR generated 28.5 TWh avoiding the emissions of 18.5 million tons of CO2.
EDPR is a market leader with top quality assets in 14 countries, and has 1,735 employees.

The company manages a global portfolio of 12.2 GW of installed capacity, has added 1,580 MW in 2020 and has 6 GW already secured for 2021-2026 period the coming years, as of December 2020.

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Our performance in 2020

2020 was a challenging year, yet we’ve remained resilient,
delivering on short and long-term objectives.

€1,655 m

Flat YoY

€2,100 m

vs €1,109m in 2019

€556 m

Net income
vs €475m in 2019

€908 m

Operating cash-flow
-17% YoY

€48 k/MW

Core OPEX / average MW
+1% YoY

€3.4 Bn

Net debt
vs €2.8Bn in 2019





EDPR is aware of the importance of electricity in the sustainable development and is committed to focus not only on the Sustainable Development Goals directly related to its business such as Climate Action and Affordable and Clean Energy, but also on a business model that positively impacts others SDGs.

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The Future is Green

Renewables are the backbone of decarbonization

COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis, who damaged the global economy and financial markets. It has also boosted the climate movement and the sense of urgency in climate action, leading to bolder commitments from countries all around the world.

Renewable energy grew in 2020, by the International Energy Agency (IEA), around 90% of the power capacity added worldwide was renewable. And according to consulted experts, renewables will generate in 2030 between 35-43% of the electricity generation, from around 27% in 2019.

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and the goals we propose to achieve.

Innovating to power the planet

At EDPR we work to ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. We are committed to sustainable growth and environmental protection across the entire value chain, promoting social welfare and development, and fostering best-practices with regards to governance.

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More than a simple goal, continuing to grow while meeting the challenges of sustainable development is a pledge we made to our stakeholders.

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