Project Overview

Cattlemen Solar Park is a proposed 240 MW solar project located in the northeast corner of Milam County, Texas, approximately 70 miles northeast of Austin. The project area would be located west of Baileyville, along FM 2027, and consist primarily of pastureland. The project would be sited entirely on private land that would be leased from landowners who recognize the benefits of hosting a solar project. Cattlemen Solar could commence construction in 2022, which would enable full operations to be achieved in 2023.

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Energy Output

Cattlemen Solar Park would have an installed capacity of 240 megawatts (MW). Cattlemen Solar Park’s generation would be equivalent to the consumption of more than 37,000 Texas homes.

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Cattlemen Solar Park would yield significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment.

Cattlemen would represent a capital investment of approximately $250 million and would disperse millions in cumulative payments to local governments through the life of the project. An estimated $55 million in taxes would be paid to support local schools and community services. Hundreds of construction jobs would be created as well as multiple permanent jobs.

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Cattlemen would save more than 304 million gallons of water each year and prevent the air pollution that causes smog, acid rain, and climate change. Solar energy also enhances air quality by helping to mitigate the health effects of harmful air pollutants.



Cattlemen Solar Park would provide a stable form of income to local landowners. Millions of dollars would be paid to the solar park’s landowners through the life of the project.


National Security

Cattlemen Solar Park would contribute to Texas' energy security and help diversify energy supply.

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Solar Panels

Cattlemen Solar Park is currently exploring using single-axis tracking PV panels, across approximately 2,600 acres. Photovoltaic solar cells have no moving parts and convert sunlight directly into electricity via the photoelectric effect. This direct-current electricity is then collected, transformed into alternating-current, and finally enters the electrical grid through a substation after being converted to the proper voltage.

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Cattlemen Fact Sheet
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