Our Policy



We aim to maintain an open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders in order to build and strengthen trust, promote information and knowledge sharing, anticipate challenges and identify cooperation opportunities.


Include, Indentify, Prioritize: We have dynamically ans systematically identified the Stakeholders that are influenced by the company and we analyze and try to understand their expectations and interests in the decisions that directly impact on them.


Inform, Listen, Respond: We are committed to promoting two-way dialogue with Stakeholders in a consistent, clear, rigorous and transparent manner, with the aim of building strong, durable, close relationships.


Integrate, Share, Cooperate, Report: We aim to collaborate with Stakeholders to build strategic partnerships that bring together ans share knowledge, skills and tools, thereby promoting the creation of shared value in a differentiating manner.


Transparency, Integrity, Respect, Ethics: We believe that the promotion of a climate of trust with our stakeholders is crucial to establishing stable, long-term relationships. Our relationship with stakeholders is based on values like transparency, integrity and mutual respect.

These commitments underlie a policy that aims to go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements, and to truly engage our different stakeholder groups.

Stakeholders Relations Policy

Stakeholders Relations Policy