EDPR firmly follows a policy of transparency, giving voice to those who consider that certain conduct does not comply with ethical principles, legal provisions or internal regulations. It makes available for this report, a channel that it calls “Speak Up” channel which, ensuring the legal requirements in terms of complaints, allows easy access to all those who wish to resort to it.

EDPR channel

Speak up

The EDPR “Speak Up” channel is a global channel, which welcomes the reporting of alleged violations, either to the Code of Ethics, or to all legal issues - among which those provided for in the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law, – as well as internal policies and regulations. This channel can be used by interested parties from any company in EDPR.

Speak up channel

There is also a Speak Up channel specific to EDPR in Portugal, where any complaint can be reported regarding the matters set out in the above legislation.

EDPR makes an explicit commitment to protect whistle-blowers, providing suitable processes, procedures and reporting channels for this purpose. This commitment is predicated on full respect for the principle that anyone who uses the reporting methods in good faith and with justification will be protected from censure or retaliation.

Processes have been designed and implemented to ensure that the complaints are handled and managed with total security, independence, integrity and privacy. Communication, which may be two-way, can be conducted anonymously. All information exchanged is kept confidential and secured against unauthorised access, so that personal data protection is assured.

our policy

Whistleblowing Managament Policy

For further clarification, consult the whistleblowing Management Policy that establishes the rules applicable to the procedure for receiving, handling, resolving and recording reports of complaints received through the Speak Up channels. 

Whistleblowing Management Policy ensures all whistle-blowers and stakeholders of full compliance with the Law regarding strict, ethical business conduct, while also making sure that all well-founded reports of a breach that are submitted in good faith will be presented securely and effectively, without fear of retaliation.

Speak up

Use the Speak up channels

If you become aware of any situation that you consider to be unethical or in breach of legal or internal standards, do not hesitate to report it.