The performance of suppliers is essential for the success of EDPR. 

The company bases its relationship with suppliers on trust, collaboration and the creation of shared values shared, and this results in a joint capacity to innovate, strengthen sustainability policy and improve the quality of our operations.
This significantly contributes to EDPR keeping the leadership in its areas of operation and it is a factor inducing competitiveness in the markets in which it operates.

Be an EDPR supplier

In the EDP Renewables, the Corporate System of Supplier Registration works as the support to research and supplier selection by providing detailed information, validated and updated by credible sources in order to guarantee their accreditation through criteria of risk, quality and sustainability.

The registration process doesn't have any associated cost to the supplier. However, it is an indispensable requirement for any company that intends to participate in EDPR tender.

Registration Process Europe and Brazil
Supplier Management