Social dimension

EDPR believes it is indispensable to contribute to the development of the society creating value in different ways, for different people.

The company is guided by three key social responsibility principles: respecting human and labor rights in the whole value chain, contributing to the communities that it works in and promoting access to energy for all.

Key areas



At EDPR, is top priority to promote human rights and fair labor practices across the value chain. EDPR is therefore committed to integrate the social aspects in planning and decision-making and to guarantee responsible operations throughout the whole lifecycle of its business. EDPR actively seeks to promote the values of integrity, responsibility and transparency in its value chain and in society in general.

Likewise, as a part of the community where it operates, EDPR values and invests in a strong and lasting relation with the local communities. The company’s activity provides benefits to the surrounding areas and EDPR manages to maximize them through good communication and collaboration with the local communities.

Furthermore, as a responsible company and global leader in the renewable energy sector, EDPR aims to provide clean energy for developing countries based on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. By doing so, EDPR promotes a sustainable development of the society while having a positive impact on people and on the environment.