People at EDPR

EDPR operates in 28 internacional markets and our growth over the past years has been supported by our employees’ flexibility and team work and their ability to adapt to a changing business.

We aim to be a long-term market leader in the renewable energy sector, pursuing credibility through value creation, social responsibility, safety, innovation and respect for the environment.

We know that the people are crucial to the success of our business. For this reason, our employees’ growth and development are key priorities for us. We strive to offer outstanding training programs and create job opportunities in a way that allows our employees to develop an attractive career within our company and prepare themselves for future challenges.

As a result, EDPR has been recognised by the Top Employers Institute as one of the best companies to work for in Europe, LATAM and Asia Pacific in 2024 and at a local level, the company has been named a Top Employer 2024 in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Greece, Brazil, Colombia and, for the first time, Singapore and Chile. This certification recognises the excellence in EDPR’s people practices and the value they create for all employees. More details here.

Our people

average age 
A global company

We invest in recruiting energetic people with potential who are ready and willing to challenge themselves. 

Our work environment is international and culturally diverse, we offer an attractive career, continuous education and training opportunities.

there are no 'women's professions' or 'men's professions'


Professions in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics still have low female participation. This is a reality that EDPR wants to help change. With this aim, the company is launching #REBELSFORCHANGE, a global campaign that claims to raise awareness and promote the participation of more women in STEM careers.


efr certification

We are a family-friendly company!

EDP Group has received the efr certification since 2013 and was awarded for the first time to the entire group. This certification underscores global excellence in adopting best practices for harmonizing personal and professional life in 5 aspects: 

> family support;

> professional and personal development;

> flexibility of time and space;

> equal opportunities;

> quality at work.

EFR 2024

diversity and inclusion

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 2023

We’re proud to be recognized in the Bloomberg GEI for the fourth year in a row.

EDPR is one of the 484 companies, representing 45 countries and regions around the world committed to a more equal and inclusive workplace.

Bloomberg Index 2023