Poland: Engaging our Communities.

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Poland: Engaging our Communities

EDPR in Poland organized several events this June to bring us closer to the communities that surround our wind farms

EDPR in Poland organized several events this June to bring us closer to the communities that surround our wind farms. Many of the events were in celebration of Global Wind Day, which took place on June 15.

Korsze Wind Farm
EDPR, in cooperation with a local cultural center, organized a children's event called "Have Fun with the Wind" to celebrate Global Wind Day. During the event, children from Korsze were invited to participate in a number of wind related activities including kite building workshops, a kite flying show and a performance of musical instruments that mimic the wind. All participants received an award from EDP.

J&Z Wind Farm
Several events were held at J&Z Wind Farm during June. In addition to a Family Fest event on June 6 and a Global Wind Day activities at schools in Sulików, Żarska Wieś and Osiek Łużycki, EDPR also collaborated with a city library in Zgorzelec to continue the celebrations on June 23. Children from the number 3 primary school in Zgorzelec read stories about the wind and drew pictures. Students also went on a field trip to the wind farm, where they learned about wind power, visited the station and got to see how a turbine works.

Radziejów Wind Farm
EDPR held the opening ceremony for a new wind farm in the Polish municipality of Radziejow, which was attended by local leaders and media. The inauguration was opened by Spyros Martinis, Business Development Director of EDPR. Event participants had the opportunity to find out more about wind energy and its benefits both in the global and local context.

Ilza Wind Farm
On Global Wind Day EDPR supported events in schools in Pakosław, Iłża and Seredzice, which included educational activities regarding wind energy as well as contests. Similar to the event at the J&Z Wind Farm, students participated in art classes where they made their own windmills.

Pawłowo Wind Farm
EDPR sponsored a bike riding event that was held on June 7 in Gołańcz for local senior citizens. The event was organized by the Gołańcz branch of the Wągrowiec youth center and coordinated by young people. EDPR also organized a "Have Fun with the Wind" children's event in collaboration with a local cultural center, similar to the event organized by the Korsze Wind Farm.

Margonin Wind Farm
On Global Wind Day EDPR sponsored events in schools in Margonin, Radwanki, Lipiny. EDPR also supported Family Fest, which took place on June 6 in the village of Adolfowo. Various competitions and contests for children were held and winners took home prizes. Additionally, students from the University of Life Sciences visited the EDPR wind farm on May 20. Students learned about wind power and visited the station and turbine.