The European Regulation 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) sets out the obligation for market participants to publish inside information in an effective and timely manner.

Such disclosure shall include for electricity wholesale market participants, information relevant to the capacity and use of facilities for production, storage, consumption or transmission, including planned or unplanned unavailabilities of these facilities.

EDPR supports this kind of initiatives, which promotes transparency and integrity on the electricity wholesale market. Therefore, in compliance with REMIT Regulation, EDPR discloses the information referring to its generation units affected by this legislation.

The information disclosed below is based on EDPR’s best interpretation of the criteria established by REMIT Regulation, this information being published and updated according to the requirements of the regulation in force.

List of generating units subject to Inside Information

The list below details the generating units belonging to EDPR which have an installed capacity of 100MW or higher, and are subject to Inside Information publication under REMIT:


Generation Unit


Installed Capacity (MW)




120 MW




132 MW

Access here information that corresponds to changes on planned/unplanned availabilities above the 100MW threshold.