Engage with biodiversity

EDPR is aware of the sensitivity of natural ecosystems and the pressures affecting biodiversity. By minimizing losses in biodiversity throughout its operations, EDPR contributes to the United Nation’s SDG 15: protect life on land. The company’s approach to contribute to the global challenge of reducing biodiversity loss is clear: producing clean energy, energy without emissions to fight against climate change, one of the greatest threats for biodiversity.


The environmental strategy of the company complements this approach ensuring the minimization of the impacts on biodiversity along the whole value chain and seeking an overall positive balance.

Some examples of how EDPR integrates biodiversity in the company management are:

  • Feasibility studies detecting the environmental constraints to be considered since the early stages of the projects.
  • Monitoring plans established during construction and operation.
  • Implementation of preventive, mitigating and/or compensatory measures.
  • Development of specific projects that contribute to broadening scientific knowledge.

Environmental Management System

EDPR environmental strategy has as its cornerstone the prevention of impacts. In this sense, the selection of the facilities’ location becomes an essential step. Our teams work from very early stages of the projects to ensure, in coordination with authorities and external experts, that the selected areas for the location of our facilities are environmentally compatible with wind generation.


We are committed to protect the wildlife. Our objective is to achieve an overall positive impact.

Biodiversity is integrated in all phases of EDPR activities: project design, construction, operation and dismantlement. Our teams work to minimize any negative impact and to promote positive ones. When significant impacts cannot be prevented, EDPR will pursue consensual compensation measures which allow the achievement of a global positive biodiversity balance sheet.

Our commitment with biodiversity protection lead us to take an active role in the conservation of wildlife.

It is our duty as a sustainable company to contribute to the development of research and conservation programs, as well as, to broadening scientific knowledge on biodiversity matters, by supporting institutions and strengthening dialogue and partnerships.

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