Annual Report 2018

We love the world
We love what we do
We love success
We love team work
We love diversity
We love our communities
We love innovation
We love being sustainable
We love the future

A year of promoting clean energy around the world.

A year of energy in constant movement, accessible to all.
We love this universal language, which takes on different shades and shapes. It drives, motivates and challenges us, in a story full of achievement and shared success. Discover how renewable energy is at the heart of what we do, radiating through the wind, sun and water.

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We love the world

Clean energy is contagious; it makes us want to explore, expand and innovate. Our renewable energy can be found around the globe, thanks to our adventures in 13 countries across two continents.

Explore our world and learn about last year’s results, driven—as always—by value creation, innovation and sustainability.

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We love what we do

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

— Confucius

We love what we do, and we take pride in every part of the process that helps us bring clean energy to you. The only path to a sustainable future is through hard work and dedication. Want to know how it works?

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Site Identification

Search for sites with top-class wind conditions or irradiance resources and analyse grid connection feasibility.


Landowner Agreement

Contact local landowners and negotiate leasing agreements.


Renewable Resources Analysis

Install meteorological equipment to collect and study wind profile and solar radiance.


Obtain Consents and Permits

Engage with local public authorities to secure environmental, construction, operating and other licenses.


Project Evalution and Funding

Evaluate potential operational and financial risks and find appropriate financing for the project.


Layout Design and Equipment Choice

Optimise the layout of the facility and select the best fit of equipment model based on the site characteristics.



Build access roads, prepare foundations, assemble wind turbines or solar panels, construct substation.


Opening Ceremony

Celebrate the benefits of renewable energy with local communities, authorities and other stakeholders.


Wind and Solar Plant Operation

Complete grid connection and start to generate renewable electricity.


Data Analysis

Monitor real-time operational data, analyse performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Ongoing Maintenance Service

Keep availability figures at the highest level possible and minimise failure rates.


Generate and Deliver Clean Energy

A better energy, a better future, a better world!


We love success

Positive results are what make us want to go even further. We respond to the challenges that arise along the way, thanks to all the employees who are part of the EDP Renewables family.

Our energy is reflected in the following achievements:

  • 01.

    We have been distinguished as one of the best companies to work at in Spain, thanks to the conditions that we offer our employees.

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    “This certification is a clear reflection of the robust labour practices adopted by the company, which are consistently aimed at attracting and retaining talent. This recognition motivates us to continue investing in our most valuable asset: the team.”

    João Manso Neto, CEO of EDP Renewables
  • 02.
    energia eólica

    We entered a new market in Europe. We will be present in Greece for the next 20 years, investing in the supply of wind energy.

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  • 03.
    parque eólico

    We partnered with Facebook to develop a new wind farm in Randolph County, Indiana. The facility will produce enough clean energy to power more than 52,000 homes each year.

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  • 04.
    energia solar

    We secured a 15-year contract for the sale of solar-powered electricity in Brazil, which will be generated at the Pereira Barreto solar photovoltaic plant.

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We love team work

Everyone at EDP Renewables belongs to a Group that knows it would never be complete if it were missing any part of the whole. Look what we achieved in 2018:

  • 11.7GW

    Installed capacity

  • €1,275m


  • 97%

    Level of technical availability

  • +0.7GW

    New additions (EBITDA + net equity)

  • €3.1 billion

    9% increase in net debt

  • €1,300m


  • €313m

    +€37m net income compared to 2017

  • 30%

    Load factor

  • 1,388

    14% more employees

  • 94%

    Employees trained

  • 20mt CO2

    We prevented the emission of 20mt tons of CO2

  • €43k/MW


  • 28,359 GWh


  • 99%

    Capacity compliant with the environmental management system ISO 14001

  • 98%

    Capacity compliant with the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001

  • €985m

    Operating cash-flow


To achieve this, we need to make informed decisions and take firm steps toward innovation, without compromising sustainability. We also have strong leadership.

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We love diversity

We have already shown you who we are—but we want you to get to know us even better.

Every day, our more than 1,300 employees, who represent four generations, strive to achieve the best results. We believe in the talent of everyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality.


1,388 Employees






  • 11% Babyboomers
  • 32% Generation X
  • 56% Millennials
  • 1% Generation Z



Permanent employees

Women at EDP: The Road to Equality

As a reflection of society at large, EDP has made great strides on the path to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities.

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We love our communities

Every person and every community is special. With a family as big as ours, we always depend on each member to collaborate, to help one another and to invest in social development. The truth is that alone we can only do so much—but together, we can do a lot.


social investment


in society
in general


invested in
local communities


of volunteering


of employees
in volunteering


direct beneficiaries  

Have you heard about the EDP Renewables Rural program? Let us show you what it is and how it has helped Brazilian farmers to build a better, more sustainable life.

We love innovation

We seek out innovation with endless enthusiasm! We want to be at the forefront, to be trailblazers, to create and tell stories around the world. This is certainly a great challenge, but our search for new opportunities knows no limits.

Want to know how we innovate?

Greenfield development
Business development
Offshore development
Corporate development

Innovation is
all around us

We love being sustainable

Everyone talks about sustainability, but what does it really mean? And how do we apply it?

Sustainability is in our DNA.

It’s a core part of our mission, vision and values. Every day, we work in earnest to protect the environment, to help the communities where we’re present and to implement improved economic practices.

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EDP supports energy access with investment in Mozambique in SolarWorks!

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In order to contribute to the preservation of our planet, in 2018 we approved a new Environmental Policy:

Download Environmental Policy
  • Protect the climate

    EDPR produces competitive energy based on renewable sources that contribute to sustainable economic growth.

  • Engage with biodiversity

    Fighting against climate change is the best contribution to tackle biodiversity loss.

  • Preserve natural resources

    EDPR promotes the efficient use of natural resources in all activities, within the framework of a circular economy.

We love the future

Our hearts are full as we step into the future. We know that the world is facing challenges that are unprecedented in human history, but we need to work together on the most pressing changes.

The United Nations has drawn up a plan for sustainable development, and we have a vision to make it a reality.

EDPR supplies affordable & clean energy while mitigating the climate change...

  • objective 7

    and clean

    EDPR is a global leader in the sector of renewable energy and one of the world's largest wind energy producer, ending the year with 11.7 GW of installed capacity. In 2018, the Company generated 28.4 TWh of clean energy, a cost-effective way to fight climate change.

  • objective 13

    Climate Action

    Wind and solar power are two of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing energy. EDPR’s business inherently implies the reduction of GHG emissions and therefore has a positive impact on the environment. In 2018, EDPR’s activities avoided the emission of 20 million tons of CO2.

...impacting positively on communities & fostering innovative infrastructures & circular economy...

  • objective 11

    Sustainable cities and communities

    EDPR works to promote the well-being and development of the communities where it operates and also of society in general. In 2018, EDPR invested 2.3 million in the development of social activities and launched the A2E Fund Program for the support of renewable energy access projects in developing countries.

  • objective 9

    Industry, innovation and infraestruture

    Innovation is part of EDPR’s day-to-day reality. The Company is focused on the more disruptive technologies of the industry and is committed to foster innovative solutions throughout its entire value chain: in business development, construction, operations, origination, financing and corporate development.

  • objective 12

    Responsible consumption and production

    Even though EDPR is in the renewable energy business, it goes beyond its commitment with sustainability by fostering a culture of responsible operations and circular economy. In 2018, EDPR supported several projects focused on the recycling processes of fiberglass, one of the turbine’s blades material most hard to recycle.

...ensuring decent work, gender equality & preservation of the environment.

  • objective 8

    Decent work and economic growth

    EDPR continuously works to provide excellent conditions for its employees, grow and develop talent at all levels and optimise its employment policies and labour practices. As a result, EDPR has been recognised by the Top Employers Institute as one of the best companies to work for in Spain in 2018.

  • objective 5

    Gender equality

    EDPR’s Code of Ethics contains specific clauses of non-discrimination and equal opportunities, fostering respect for all employees. In 2018, as in previous years, EDPR participated in Mujer e Ingeniería, a project by the Real Academia de Ingeniería de España aiming to overcome the gender gap in technical degrees.

  • objective 15

    Life on land

    EDPR’s business is its best contribution to reduce biodiversity loss. Nevertheless, the Company’s commitment to contribute to the protection of biodiversity leads to an active role in the conservation of wildlife surrounding its facilities. In 2018, EDPR participated in protecting biodiversity mainly through collaborations with several organisations to further protect wildlife surrounding its facilities, focusing on birds & bats.

EDP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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