The Environmental Social and Governance Committee is a specialized and delegated committee of the Board of Directors, that assists and reports to the Board of Directors in the alignment with the market trends and the company needs regarding ESG matters, with the aim of also providing the investors with more transparent and exhaustive information regarding matters related to Corporate Governance and Sustainability. This body is governed by the Bylaws of the company and its Regulations.


The Environmental, Social and Governance Committee is responsible for:

  • Overseeing and monitoring the Company's key environmental, social and corporate governance key performance indicators monitoring their achievement, following the trends and regulatory developments relevant to the Company’s activity regarding to these matters, and proposing when adequate the approval or update of related policies; 
  • Analyze the integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance risks and opportunities into the Company´s procedures and its Risk Management System;
  • Promoting, steering, and overseeing the Company’s objectives, action plans and practices in health, safety and occupational risk prevention;
  • Monitoring the Company's relationship and reporting to investors, indexes and rating agencies on sustainability issues; also overseeing and assessing the Company’s corporate image and its reputation with the various stakeholders informing about their needs and expectations; 
  • Reviewing and presenting to the Board of Directors the Annual Report (EINF); 
  • Overseeing and assessing the suitability of the corporate governance model implemented by the Company and its compliance with internationally accepted models;
  • Supervising compliance with, and the correct application of, the corporate governance principles and standards in force, promoting and requesting the exchange of information necessary for this purpose.


The Environmental, Social and Governance Committee is composed of independent members of the Board of Directors with the appropriate qualification and experience, who are the following:

  • Antonio Gomes Mota (Chairman)
  • Allan J. Katz 
  • Cynthia Kay Mc Call 
  • Rosa María García García 
  • José Manuel Félix Morgado