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EDP Renewables appoints Pedro Vinagre as new interim country manager for its business in Poland

Friday 05, April 2024

Currently EDPR’s Executive Director in North and Central Europe, Vinagre will also take on the role of country manager from May 1st, , replacing Bartosz Fedurek;

EDPR would like to extend its gratitude to Bartosz Fedurek for his exceptional contribution to our operations in the Polish market throughout the past year.

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a leading global company in the development of renewable energy, will appoint Pedro Vinagre as interim country manager for its business development in Poland from May 1st onwards. Pedro will combine it with its responsibility as Executive Director for Business Development in North and Central Europe at EDPR and will spearhead efforts to cultivate sustainable and efficient growth and investment in EDP's renewable energy endeavors across many European countries, demonstrating significant potential and a firm dedication to advancing the energy transition.

Pedro has been working for the EDP group for over 14 years and has a strong knowledge of the Polish renewables sector, which will enable EDPR to keep strategically expanding its footprint in this market, playing a pivotal role in facilitating Poland's energy transition.

EDPR would like to extend its gratitude to Bartosz Fedurek for his exceptional contribution to the Polish market over the past year. This period has witnessed significant evolution within the industry, and the forthcoming phase promises to present its own set of challenges. As the renewable energy sector in Poland undergoes favorable transformations, we at EDP are both delighted and proud to have our team members appointed to lead companies playing a crucial role in this transition.

Since entering the Polish market in 2008, EDPR has demonstrated its commitment to achieve the Polish energy transition. Currently EDPR boasts an installed capacity of close to 800 MW in the country. In 2023, the inauguration of Poland's first wind and solar hybrid farm, alongside the operation of one of the largest photovoltaic farms in the country, Przykona, with an installed capacity of 200 MWp (153 MWac), underscores its dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions in Poland.