Offshore farms play an increasingly significant role in EDPR's business, as shown when the company won the auction for the operation of Mayflower Wind - a structure located off the US east coast, with an installed capacity of 2,265 MW, which is expected to start operating at the end of the 2020s. 

Additionally, EDPR is also developing offshore projects in US, UK, France, Portugal, Poland & South Korea. In Portugal, the WindFloat Atlantic (first floating wind farm in continental Europe) positions EDPR as a world leader in offshore wind technology and further strengthen the importance of renewable generation in the energy sector. 

A floating wind farm is a collection of wind turbines that sit on structures out at sea, allowing them to harness wind resources and generate electricity in places where water is too deep for fixed-foundation turbines. These innovative farms also permit equipment of a standard model and size further lowering product costs.

EDPR’s floating projects 


EDPR, through a joint venture, is developing 25 MW project off the coast of Portugal, which will be a flagship project in the innovative sector and will contribute to the development, standardization and manufacturing improvement of multi-MW modular floating platforms. 

The project belongs to the Windplus consortium, which is jointly owned by OW (85.17%), Repsol (13.63%) and Principal Power Inc. (1.2%).

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