The General Shareholders’ Meeting is the body in which the shareholders participate. Represents the Company with the full authority corresponding to its legal personality and has the power to deliberate, vote and adopt decisions, particularly on matters that the law and Articles of Association reserve for its decision and must be submitted for its approval.

The decisions of the General Meeting are binding on all shareholders, including those voting against and those who did not participate in the meeting. A General Meeting may be ordinary or extraordinary. In either case, it is governed by the law and Articles of Association.

The Chairman of the General Meeting is appointed by the shareholders and must be a person who meets the same requirements of independence as for the independent Directors but cannot be a member of the Board. The appointment is for three years and may only be re-elected once.

In addition to the Chairman of the General Shareholder’s Meeting, the Board of the General Meeting is constituted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, or his substitute, the other Directors and the Secretary of the Board of Directors. The Board of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, through its Chairman , is responsible for organizing its proceedings.

The position of Secretary of the General Meeting is held by Secretary of the Board of Directors, Emilio García-Conde Noriega, whose professional address is that of the Company.

The Chairman of the General Shareholders’ Meeting is José António de Melo Pinto Ribeiro, who was elected on the General Meeting of April 6th, 2017 for a three-year term. 

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