EDPR joins Equipos & Talento "Empowering Women's Talent" program.

Tuesday 12, October 2021

Equipos & Talento has developed this program, which contributes to accelerate gender equality in companies. 

EDPR receives this recognition, thus empowering women's talent and diversity within its teams.

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), the world's fourth largest renewable energy producer, joins the "Empowering Women's Talent" program for the development of female talent promoted by Equipos & Talento. With the aim of promoting female empowerment and leadership, this program helps companies to learn, share, communicate and inspire about gender diversity. 

The development of female talent continues to advance in Spanish companies. In the case of EDPR, the company is firmly committed to promoting and recognizing the work of women, especially those who develop careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to ensure the incorporation of a culture of diversity and inclusion. Among its most important challenges is to attract, develop and retain female talent, especially in the technical area. In this context, EDPR has recently received recognition as a "Member Company of the Empowering Women's Talent program", thus promoting women's talent and diversity within its teams. Empowering Women's Talent provides member companies with a program that includes different activities for all its members and, in addition, a seal that recognizes the company's commitment to the promotion of Female Talent.

Cristina Cano, HR Director at EDPR, explains: "It is our responsibility as a company to commit to STEM women and to encourage more female role models in this field, and we do so through the various initiatives we carry out. By joining the Empowering Women's Talent program, we reinforce our commitment and continue to work in this direction with the aim of achieving a better future for all by enhancing our purpose of fostering the growth of the female presence in the company.

Alexia Lanzo, Head of the Empowering Women's Talent program at Equipos&Talento highlights: "With this seal we want to recognize EDPR's commitment to the empowerment of female talent and offer all companies a deep learning in this area, as well as inspire all female talent. Our program puts the focus on recognizing women's empowerment and contributes to accelerating gender equality policies in companies.