Contribute to local communities

Throughout the entire life cycle of EDPR’s operations, as an integral part of the communities where it operates, the company aims to preserve a strong and lasting relation with the local communities in order to guarantee a positive and successful coexistence.

United Nations

EDPR is committed to the United Nations’ SDG 11: make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. This is a reflection of the company’s efforts to help local communities overcome the various challenges they face.


EDPR’s Social Investment Policy establishes a framework that encompasses the corporate objectives and strategies related to this area, and also supports local communities in the development of their social priorities. Before investing in a local community, the company considers its specific characteristics when interacting with them and when making locally impactful decisions. This allows EDPR to guarantee that the community’s interests are always taken into consideration and respected.

Communication channels play a key role in managing relationships with local communities. To ensure continuous dialogue and maintain close relationships, EDPR uses the most effective channels to identify and manage expectations, minimizing and ensuring better management of the risks associated with each community.

Considering all of the above, EDPR invests in activities that will impact positively the promotion and development of the following four main areas: Culture & Art; Social inclusion, Sustainable ways of living & Access to energy; Natural heritage & Biodiversity and Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency.